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, 1987

To the north lies the little town of Peitz, formerly a fortress with its own "armory". Meaning the Peitz Steel Mill. When it ceased operations in 1898, it fell into a deep slumber from which it awoke in 1973. That is how the technical equipment from the beginning of the 19th century, fan and furnaces, was preserved almost unscathed. It also included two beam cranes which were operated through a gear train via crank. Since only two of the original cog wheels of the "drive" remained, the missing rest had to be re-cast. The drawing was made in Peitz, a wooden model developed in the Lauchhammer foundry and in the nationally-owned Ironworks Guben, it was cast. Here we present one of the two larger specimens. When the Peitz Ironworks Museum opened with a show casting in 1994, the crane project was somewhat forgotten. So, stuff remains to be done. The Peitz website already explains the principle of the cog wheels in a small animation, though.

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