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The objectives of the Association of Museums

The Association of Museums (Museumsverband des Landes Brandenburg e. V.) is a private-law governed consortium of institutional and personal members from the circle of museums and museum-like institutions in the state of Brandenburg, including their friends and promoters.

The purpose and mission of the Association is to promote museums and collections in the state of Brandenburg and to articulate the idea of a museum in the public. Together with other cultural institutions and social forces, it contributes to preserve and renew the cultural identity of the citizens of the state and to preserve its historical legacy. In particular, it cooperates with the governmental agencies at various levels in order to ensure that the guiding principles of policies governing museums, which are relevant to the present day and future-oriented, are well in harmony with the cultural policies of the state.

By virtue of the provisions of its statute and its representative office of the museums in the country, it is adequately competent, on the one hand, to knowledgeably articulate the concerns of the museums to various bodies in the communities, districts and the state government and, on the other hand, work towards promotion of museums. The aims and tasks of the Association of Museums are laid down in its statute. It maintains an office so as to carry out its duties.
The Association publishes a newsletter and a journal, advises museums in matters of cataloguing and presentations, museum education and public relations work and organizes events related to advance education. The Association’s work is particularly focused on the coordination of networking processes between museums.

In view of the shortage of finances in the public funds, the aim is to find new efficient solutions of cooperation. In this respect, the Association endeavours to seek ideal solutions which would not only support the work of museums, but also create encouraging conditions for a start into the future.


Adresse / Kontakt:
Museumsverband des Landes Brandenburg e.V.
Am Bassin 3
14467 Potsdam

Fon: (0331) 2327911


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