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, 1944

On Wednesday, 17 May 1944, Inmate 4714 dies in the women's concentration camp at Ravensbrück. As weak as she was, Milena Jesenská did not survive a kidney operation. Among the few things she left behind was this handkerchief which her co-inmates had given her for her birthday. It had been a gentle and female present. The fabric had been procured from the tailor shop. This small colored piece of cloth is hardly more than a breath of an object. But amid the camp terror, it stands for love for life, culture and a sliver of freedom. If not for the number where the monogram should be, making this handkerchief not only a reflection of the warm-hearted, fine gesture of friendship but also of a system which denied people any personality, or their names. In the end, it did not work. Anyone looking to get to know the author Milena Jesenská should read her texts or the letters written to her by Franz Kafka.


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