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, 1988

In June of 1988, in the Frankfurt district, the 22nd Worker Festival of the GDR took place. It was to be the last. Celebrations were under way in Schwedt as well. A brisk market had been organized in the Lenin Hall. Traditional crafts were presented. One of them was the nationally-owned Raw Tobacco Schwedt which was celebrating its 35th factory anniversary that year. A double occasion to think of something truly special. This particular gift cigar was rolled as a limited edition. "VEB TABAKKONTOR DRESDEN WERK ROHTABAK SCHWEDT" it states on the yellow band. Laying in its "Snow White Coffin", it was presented to business partners as a gift but sold as well. Two years later, the company had to close down. The detonation of the chimney on 12 April 1995 symbolically repeated the closure. Even though cigars are no longer being rolled here, the Uckermark region remains the largest tobacco cultivation region in Eastern Germany.


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