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, 1958

"Pitty", the first motor scooter of the GDR, could always be recognized by its round "nose". In 1955 and 1956, the industrial factory in Ludwigsfelde produced more than 11,000 of them which could then be purchased for 2,300 Mark. A dream for every boy. And it was about to come true for one. Fortunately, his Daddy was a great organizer and a gifted tinkerer. And so, in 1958, a self-built red, foot-propelled mini "Pitty" waited under the Christmas tree. The lights even lit up. Many years later, the boy grown up a long time ago, the father hears about the scooter meet Ludwigsfelde and spontaneously drops of his creation as a gift to the museum. There it proudly stands next to its idol and no longer has to hide.


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