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, 1983

Through the development of new nuclear intermediate-range missiles, the possibility of a nuclear war in the middle of Germany took on a new dimension in the early 1980s. A wide-ranging peace movement was formed against proliferation. In the GDR, it was primarily the church communities who took to protest. On 29 October 1983, a test drill for a nuclear emergency was to take place in Neustadt an der Dosse. "Dosse 83" was the name of this nuclear attack drill. When the sirens began to howl in the morning, the bells of Köritz church tower began to sound. A protest poster hung outside, and the clock was set to five minutes before midnight. In addition, the pastor and his wife pulled a hearse along the street: Those who practice for nuclear war, think it can be waged! They did not get far. Coffin and hearse were violently confiscated. The demonstrators were prosecuted for a traffic violation! They never did pay the fine. The coffin later appeared in the firehouse in Kyritz. The neighboring Stasi probably had no room for exhibits of that size.

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