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, 2010

If there is something Heinrich von Kleist did not have, it was the ability to sit still. Constantly driven, he was on the go throughout his entire short life. Between Königsberg and Paris, Switzerland and Berlin. Always with new projects in his head and stronger doubts in his heart. Once, only once, when he committed suicide by Wannsee Lake, did he truly arrive. On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of his death, young adults did a study on him. Part of the project "Kleist-WG" in Frankfurt (Oder) was the installation "Sit down, Kleist!". In 2010, chairs were brought to the cities which he visited. In Paris and in Thun, Switzerland, approx. 40 students designed chairs of their own kind, always in relation to Kleist and his life. Our specimen commemorates Kleist's stay in Paris in 1801. The chairs returned to Frankfurt in March of 2011 and wandered on to a prefabricated high-rise which is located where Kleist's birth house once stood. It was destroyed in 1945. As if to find a new beginning. Which the enchantingly refreshing "Kleist-WG" actually managed.

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