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, 1937

A not so washed-up life. Until 1937, me and my kind were built in Saalfeld. Not the youngest any more, I came into honors in Teltow in 1962. My new owners, the Preime family, eventually ended up with four children. They needed me every week. And because I require a firm handle, Papa Jürgen was in charge of me. With both parents having jobs, washing day was always on Sunday. Clothes were soaked on Saturday night and boiled in the washing trough in the early morning. Scores of laundry were jammed between the wood stirrers and my bucket was filled with hot lye. Padded by a good breakfast, Papa Jürgen then used a clapper to move the laundry around for at least ten minutes. When the day was done, he always left a little puddle of water in the trough so that I would not dry out and crack. That way, I was able to remain expedient until the year 1980. That is when I was replaced by an electric machine. And in 1995, I ended up with the Association for Local History in Teltow. They really spruced me up there. And because I looked so good again, I was discovered by a prop master in 2004 and starred in the ARD television film "Adventure 1900". In my old age, I got to pretend one more time as if.

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