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, 1932

As is well known, Brandenburg is located between the rivers Elbe and Oder which connect the country to the Baltic Sea and the North Sea. The rivers Spree, Havel and countless canals have created a network between the larger rivers. For centuries, trade and developments within the country lay within the hands of the boatmen. In 1932, the scaffolding of the ship hoist in Niederfinow became their emblem. The boating family Templiner had their home in Hammer near Liebenwalde, right on the Finow channel. A boating organization had been in existence here already since 1815. If the ice during winter did not allow for shipping, the boatmen met in the pub of the organization. During those meetings, the ships and boats of their dreams were created on a small scale. Willi Templiner and his brother did it with the simplest means. The life belt comes from a curtain rod. The oars are moved by a spool of thread. Modern motor boats such as the "Schorfheide" could be used to navigate coastal waters independently and not rely on trawlers anymore. Nowadays, visitors can view the model in the former prison of Liebenwalde. 

Museum im Stadtgefängnis Liebenwalde

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