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, 1998

Landmines are treacherous weapons. During wartime, they are primarily used against vehicles and people. Often laid without a plan and completely random, they are very difficult to remove and pose a danger long after any combat. Children often see the discovered mines as "toys". Mutilations of arms and legs, hand and feet are the consequence. In 1998, the German Red Cross began its anti-landmine campaign. Back then, the assumption was that there were 120 million armed landmines worldwide. A person fell victim to a mine explosion every 20 minutes. The goal of the campaign was to sensitize people to the problem. Appeals for donations were to help finance medical care and prosthesis in heavily affected areas. But instead of using horrifying pictures, the idea was a one-legged teddy bear. With the motto "Losing a leg through landmines is child's play", the bear became the center of the campaign. Everyone who donated was presented with a disabled teddy bear as a gift. The anti-landmine convention has yet to be ratified worldwide.

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