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City and Industrial Museum Guben

In Guben, city and industry - in this case primarily the hat industry - are closely connected. The early development of the city into a center for hat production is mainly associated with one name: Carl Gottlob Wilke. A total of 14 exhibitions of different sizes present one aspect of the city and industrial history of Guben as well as of the production and cultural history of the hat. The spectrum of topics ranges from the history of Guben before and after 1945 over the hat and glass-fiber industry during GDR times and biographical information about the Wilke family to the production steps during hat production.

Foto: Stadt- und Industriemuseum Guben

Stadt- und Industriemuseum Guben
Gasstraße 4-7
03172 Guben

Phone: (03561) 68712101
Fax: (03561) 68714000



Opening Hours: 

Tuesday - Friday 12 am to 5 pm
Sunday, Holiday 2 pm to 5 pm


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