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Museum Village Baruth Glass Kiln

The small village of the glassblowers lies in the middle of the woods. The historical setting helps to enjoy the general history of glassblowing and the special history of the Baruth location in this "Museum in the New Hut" in the former production facilities dating from 1861. The glassblowing tradition traces back to the year 1716. Special exhibitions regularly take place in the former industrial building. Visitors are invited to blow their own glass bead. The "Burger exhibition" section is dedicated to the life and work of Reinhold Burger, born in the glass kiln, glassblower and inventor of the thermos. The Museum Village Baruth Glass Kiln also includes numerous historic factories and shops, catering as well as an organic swimming pond and overnight accommodations.

Foto: Museum Baruther Glashütte

Adresse / Kontakt:
Museum Baruther Glashütte
Hüttenweg 20
15837 Baruth OT Klasdorf

Telefon: (033704) 98090 / (033704) 980999
Fax: (033704) 980922




Opening Hours: 

March to Dezember:

Tuesday - Sunday 10 am to 5 pm

January, February:

Wednesday - Sunday 10 am to 5 pm

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