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Art Casting Museum Lauchhammer

After years of experimentation since its inception in 1725, the art casting company managed to cast life-sized figures made from iron in 1784. In addition to iron and bronze castings, the art casting museum also displays pottery, furniture and other articles of daily use made from metal. The historic model pool is a special treasure, leading back to the beginnings of art casting. In the future, more focus will be placed on the rich industrial history of the region which was dominated by coal, coal finishing, iron and steel until the 1990s and produced a number of innovations. Visitors can also witness the show casting of a bell.

Foto: Kunstgussmuseum Lauchhammer

Kunstgussmuseum Lauchhammer
Freifrau-von-Löwendal-Straße 3
01979 Lauchhammer

Phone: (03574) 860166
Fax: (03574) 860168



Opening Hours:

Tuesday - Friday 10am - 5pm
Saturday-Sunday 1pm - 5pm
Monday closed

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