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Lower Lusatia Heath Museum Spremberg

The museum society in Spremberg was founded as early as 1910. After relocating several times, the museum found its place in the Spremberg Castle and dedicates itself to the regional history and the ethnology and natural history of the Lower Lusatia region. The exhibitions in this region shaped by lignite mining portray the interplay of culture, people and nature. Visitors can also explore an art collection about the work by Erwin Strittmatter. The library of the museum specializes in regional history and the culture of the Lower Lusatia region. Next to the castle is a farmyard which vividly documents the country life around the year 1900. Since 2008, the grounds also include a large medicinal herb garden.

Foto: Niederlausitzer Heidemuseum

Niederlausitzer Heidemuseum
Schlossbezirk 3
03130 Spremberg

Phone: (03563) 59334032
Fax: (03563) 59334033



Opening Hours:  

Tuesday - Friday 9 am to 5 pm

Saturday, Sunday, Holiday 2 pm to 5 pm

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