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Exhibitions on the history of Guben's clothmakers and the former Guben chemical fibre factory (CFG)

In the exhibition of the Guben clothmakers, fashion and the textile location of Guben are brought back to life after the town of Guben lost its significance as a clothmaking town after exactly 719 years in 1995. Original exhibits, a complete sample book collection from 1873 to 1995, brigade diaries, photo albums and historical documents are on display. The unique exhibition on the history of the former CFG documents countless details from the laying of the foundation stone in 1960 to the transformation into Chemiefaser GmbH; for example, more than 200 brigade diaries, 30 DVDs, the CFG company newspaper "Stimme der Freundschaft" 1977-1991, laboratory and measurement technology, various photos, different products and contemporary testimonies. A special attraction is the former advertising figure, the mascot of the chemical fibre plant "Kopsinchen". She is available as a small doll but also in life size. Our guests, and especially the children, can have their photo taken with her or take a selfie on site.


Photo: Gubener Tuche und Chemiefasern e.V.

adress / contact:

Gubener Tuche und Chemiefasern e.V.
Gasstraße 4, Friedrich-Wilke-Platz
03172 Guben

Tel. 03561-5595107


opening hours:

Tuesday - Friday 12 - 5 pm 
Sunday and public holidays 2 - 5 pm 

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