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Museum Castle and Manor Liebenberg

Liebenberg is one of the famous Brandenburg aristocratic residences that Theodor Fontane memorialised in his book "Five Castles". The lord of the castle, Philipp zu Eulenburg und Hertefeld, developed it into the castle ensemble it is today, where Kaiser Wilhelm II was a regular guest. The museum is located in the "Inspektorenhaus", one of the oldest and largest half-timbered buildings in Brandenburg. Exciting exhibits from Liebenberg's diverse history can be seen there. Larger-than-life sculptures of the goddess Diana and two stags bear witness to the glorious era of the Eulenburgs and the beauty of the large castle park. A monumental ceramic mural dates back to the GDR era, when members of the SED Politburo spent their holidays in Liebenberg. And the huge jawbone of a whale bears witness to the fact that it was not only hunted in the local forests.

Photo: DKB Stiftung für gesellschaftliches Engagement Schloß & Gut Liebenberg


DKB Stiftung für gesellschaftliches Engagement

Schloß & Gut Liebenberg

Parkweg 1a/ Kutscherhaus

16775 Löwenberger Land


Telefon: +49 33094 700 – 4515


Opening Hours: 

Monday to Saturday 7.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.

Sunday 7.00 to 15.00

Closed on public holidays

Guided tours by appointment at museum@dkb-stiftung.de

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