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Brandenburg State Museum of Mordrn Art - Location Town hall Frankfurt Oder

With over 42,000 works, the Brandenburg State Museum of Modern Art (BLMK) with its locations in Cottbus and Frankfurt (Oder) is home to the world's most comprehensive museum collection of art from the GDR and subsequent artistic traditions. This resource must be responsibly preserved, expanded and researched, exhibited and communicated at a high level. To this end, the collection is placed in supra-regional and international temporal, geographical, social, cultural and, above all, art-historical contexts. The BLMK emerged from the merger of the dkw. Kunstmuseum Dieselkraftwerk Cottbus and the Museum Junge Kunst Frankfurt (Oder) in 2017. Several presentations are shown simultaneously at the two locations with a total of three exhibition centres - the Dieselkraftwerk in Cottbus and the Rathaushalle and Packhof in Frankfurt (Oder). 

The exhibition programme is closely linked to the collection: art from the GDR and the East German traditions derived from it are shown on an equal footing with nationally relevant and internationally established artistic positions. There is also an extensive supporting programme of events and museum education activities. The exhibition programmes of the two locations are not identical, but follow the same logic. Based on the understanding of the collections as a resource, the BLMK's activities are aimed at art-historical contextualisation, critical examination of their own genesis and their content.

Photo: Marlies Kross

Brandenburgisches Landesmuseum für moderne Kunst
Marktplatz 1
15230 Frankfurt (Oder)

Phone: 0335 28396183



Opening Hours: 

Town Hall Frankfurt (Oder)
Tuesday - Sunday 11am -5pm

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