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Foundation for Museums of Humour and Satire

The foundation is supported by the nationwide association Cartoonlobby e.V. It was established to make the cultural heritage in the field of all visual forms of humour and satire accessible to society and to preserve it for posterity. The foundation supports all activities, initiatives and institutions that have set themselves the task of increasing the reputation and presence of these special art genres and forms of communication in the public sphere. It creates the framework conditions for this cultural asset, including its collections, estates and archives, to find an appropriate place and high esteem in the cultural landscape of the Federal Republic of Germany. It sees it as a task for society as a whole to sustainably promote genres such as caricature, cartoons, critical graphics and comic art as well as their protagonists.
The first and only museum for comic art in the Berlin-Brandenburg region was run by the Cartoon Lobby as the "Cartoon Museum Brandenburg" in Luckau from 2010-2020. The foundation's collection is centred around the preservation and documentation of the great satirical heritage and humorous social criticism of past eras, particularly from the Berlin-Brandenburg region. A new location for the museum and/or the collection in the capital region has not yet been found!

Photo: Cartoonlobby e.V.

Adresse / Kontakt:

Stiftung Museen für Humor und Satire
Sitz: Königs Wusterhausen bei Berlin

Tel: (03375) 21 41 57




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