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Memorial at Lindenstrasse

Right at the city centre of Potsdam, at Lindenstrasse 54/55, a testimony to the darkest history of the city is situated. The “Grand Dutch Haus” erected by the order of the “Soldier King” Frederick William I. (1688-1740) served as a city’s court and jail in the 19th century. And during the period of the “Third Reich”, a “Hereditary Health Court” presided over forced sterilizations, and in the remand house political prisoners awaited their judgement. In the SOZ/GDR, the KGB and the Stasi continued to use the object, which was called “Lindenhotel” in the common parlance, as a political remand prison. Torture and inhuman conditions were common place here. The oppressive atmosphere of the former jail can be felt even today as one visits the place. A multimedia exhibition tells us about the history of the place, but also about how many overcame the last German dictatorship during the years 1989/90. The memorial organizes additionally guided tours, discussions of contemporary witnesses, project days and other public events.

Foto: Museumsverband des Landes Brandenburg e.V., Andreas Tauber

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Stiftung Gedenkstätte Lindenstraße
Lindenstraße 54
14467 Potsdam

Telefon: (0331) 97189000




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