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"Lydia vom DT 64", Kunstarchiv Beeskow, 1964

Beeskow Castle is not only home to a Regional Museum but also serves as central collection point for GDR state art. This picture, for example, hung on the wall of the FDJ Regional Office Potsdam who has also commissioned it. The occasion was the third "Germany Conference of the Youth for Peace and International Friendship" at Pentecost 1964. 500,000 participants came together in Berlin (East). The Potsdam-based painter Werner Nerlich personally introduces one of them to us, "Lydia from DT 64". She is not another editor from the youth radio which was named after this conference but simply a Lydia. She wears the blue FDJ shirt with the yellow sun on the sleeve. The fashionable hat is not part of the actual uniform. But it looks stylish! With her big Twiggy eyes, Lydia looks at us, beaming with self-confidence: I'll tell you where I stand! Grabbing a red kerchief which she most likely brought to wave. Friendship!

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