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, 2007

The story of a dramatic rescue begins in the district Oberhavel in Brandenburg. When the smaller of two young birds, a rare lesser spotted eagle, was preemptively removed from the nest, raised by hand and baptized to the name "Sigmar". The stronger sibling would have otherwise probably thrown him out of the nest anyway. The pepped-up bird was equipped with a ring and placed back in the nest. Shortly after, it was fully fledged. In the fall, it began its journey along with its fellows. Lesser spotted eagles are migratory birds and spend the winter in Africa. The fact that "Sigmar" opted for the shortcut across the Mediterranean Sea and selected the island of Malta for rest turned out to be his downfall. There, migratory birds are welcome pray for poachers. He was brought to the rescue center of "International Animal Rescue" with a bullet wound. His Margraviate home was recognized by the ring. "Sigmar's" return flight to Germany came at the courtesy of a Maltese airline. Via Frankfurt, he flew straight to the veterinary clinic of the Free University Berlin. Where he was operated immediately. But the leg simply would not heal. In the end, "Sigmar" had to be put down after all. But he was dissected in the Museum of Natural History in Potsdam. Since then, he can be viewed in the "Treasure Chamber of Nature" where he tells his sad story.

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