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, 2009

If that's not an invite for joyous drinking! In 2009, the Art Casting Museum Lauchhammer opened a new display depot for its famous model collection. Almost 3,000 models from over 200 years of art casting history are presented here. The pretty barmaid is also on display in the new exhibition. The "Rhenish Hebe" was a work by Karl Garber, a friend of Barlach, created in Paris in 1895/1896. It was originally intended as a model for a bronze figure in the Ratsweinkeller in Hamburg. In Greek mythology, the young Hebe served the Olympic gods. In Hamburg, she stood at the staircase of the wine cellar and cheered with guests to "Hamburgs Wohlergehen" (well-being). That is at least what it states on her jar in golden letters. The model was probably too delicate for serial production and would have been too difficult to cast. The long braids alone had to be made individually and attached later. That is how the small "Hebe" most likely remained one of a kind.

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