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, 1991

Here is the domestic sowing machine Veritas Model "Rubina 1462" which was produced in the nationally-owned Sowing Machine Factory Wittenberge. Great design. Technologically sophisticated with pre-programmed stitch lengths and overstitch width but still easy to operate. But of course, this is no ordinary sowing machine. The color already tells it all: Bright colors were standard. Our sowing machine is the "last of the Mohicans" among the "Rubinas". After the sale of the sowing machine factory failed in 1991, the state holding company decided to liquidate. On 20 December 1991, the last sowing machines rolled off the assembly lines. The painter's shop granted the last "Rubina" a black mourning dress. It was presented to the production manager as a sort of good-bye. The color black showed up a lot in Eastern German companies during those days. But since a mourning "Rubina" is eventually hard to take in one's own four walls, it came to the City Museum "Alte Burg". Where it stands representative for the final act of a long history of sowing machines.

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