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, 2004

This is not ready-made. But still art: a production technology snapshot of the production of a fermenting balloon. It consists of a trestle, the "basket" and a glass balloon with the "uplift scissors". In the nationally-owned Glass Kiln near Baruth, consumer glassware was manufactured. A fermentation balloon was supposed to be produced every three minutes. That was hard work and only manageable with an efficient division of tasks. From the "parison maker", the glass bulk was blown through a pipe into a kind of sample, the "parison". It was taken over by the brigadier, blown into a metal form, giving the fermentation balloon its shape. The "accepter" now grabbed the glass body with the "basket" and cut it off from the pipe at the neck. That ended up in an ugly tear-off. But that is exactly where the spout went. The neck was heated one more time for that purpose. Using his "scissors", the "iplifter" shaped the mouth. The fermentation balloon was almost done. It just had to relax a bit in the cooling furnace. In 2004, the museum opened in Baruth in the new kiln which also operates its own glass studio.

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