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, 1963

My name is Mini-Microscope C (KMC), born in 1963 in the Optics Factory in Rathenow. I am not as gray and boring as my outside may lead you to believe. But one thing after the other... I actually have several fathers. My design father is Erich John whose claim to fame was the design of the Urania World Clock at Berlin Alexanderplatz. The other fathers worked in the Optics Factory in Rathenow. They manufactured me and almost 500,000 of my siblings for school and university students in the GDR. I was a planned child and sent to school right after production. More than 1,000 student eyes have looked through my lenses, I am sure. My last home was the Bürgelschule school in Rathenow. A passionate expert for microscopes, Wilfried Zabel, took care of my maintenance there. Once I was too old for school activities, I was weeded out. But luckily, I did not end up in the trash. Mr. Zabel took me along to the museum which he and other optics fans had organized in Rathenow. That way, I am still in use in the Microscope Room and show children the fascinating world of teeny-tiny things. Come and visit me sometime!

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