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Optics Industrial Museum Rathenow

The museum and its exhibition space of more than 400 sqm is located in the heart of the city of Rathenow, in the attic of the cultural center. In addition to the regional reference about the optics industry, the exhibition also tells of the history of the optics industry in Germany. The combination of historical, partially unique exhibits conveys to visitors how optics serve as the soul of many devices, how such devices function as well as the significance of seeing and of light. Guests can try out historical and new glasses and test some optics phenomena in experiments. The museum also owns an extensive specialist library and collection about the industrial and regional history of optics.

Foto: Optik Industriemuseum

Optik Industriemuseum
Märkischer Platz 3
14712 Rathenow

Phone: (03385) 519040
Fax: (03385) 519031



Opening Hours:  
Tuesday - Sunday 11 am to 5 pm

groups according to prior agreement

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