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Museum Laboratory Kummersdorf

The former military laboratory Kummersdorf was a center of technology and is probably the most versatile military technology experimental site in the world. The museum in the former Konsum building serves as information center and departure point for guided tours across the grounds. Its goal is to make the terrain formerly exclusively used for military purposes accessible as a museum within nature, to make it palpable while taking all aspects of natural and architectural protection into consideration. Exhibitions and tours across the grounds with its railway, bunkers and rocket test beds exemplify the historical circumstances which shaped this area. The primary focus of the museum is the confrontation with the war, its preparations and consequences.

Foto: Museumsverband des Landes Brandenburg e.V., Lorenz Kienzle

Historisch-technisches Museum Versuchsstelle Kummersdorf
Konsumstraße 5
15838 Kummersdorf

Phone: (033703) 77048
Fax: (033703) 77048


Opening Hours: 

Sunday 1 pm to 5 pm

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