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The office at Am Bassin 3 in Potsdam is the central coordinating, advisory and administrative centre of the Association of Museums (Museumsverband Brandenburg e.V.). It performs its work in consultation with the Board of Directors and implements its resolutions.

Staff members:

Dr. Susanne Köstering
Susanne Köstering has been the director of the Association of Museums since March 2002.

Many museum and exhibition projects and publications with focus on natural history, history of ecology and urban history bear her signature: the history of handling waste in Berlin and Brandenburg (TU Berlin), the inland navigation in Berlin and Brandenburg (Inland Skippers’ Church Berlin), the urban district history (District office of Charlottenburg, Kreuzberg-Museum, Berliner Geschichtswerkstatt e.V., Office for Art Schöneberg).

In addition to this, she worked on the concepts for a presentation of the Museum for Natural History, Berlin at the Martin-Gropius-Bau museum (2003). As an academician in social pedagogy and as a historian (Kassel, Berlin), she published her thesis bearing the title “Natur zum Anschauen. Das Naturkundemuseum des deutschen Kaiserreichs [Nature to Look At. The Natural History Museum of the German Empire], 1871-1914” (Böhlau-Verlag, Cologne 2003).

Besides her task as a director of the Association of Museums, she has been conducting research work since 2014 on the history of the Natural History/ Zoological Museum, Hamburg and is a board member in the German Federation of Museums.
Her particular concern as a director is to encourage innovative forms of concepts and presentations and, thus, put the potential of Brandenburg’s collections into perspective, which are still not fully utilized.

Alexander Sachse M.A.
Alexander Sachse has been a resource person since May 2014 with the Association of Museums.

During his study of the history of the state of Brandenburg with Prof. Winfried Schich, the history of arts and prehistory and early history at the Humboldt-University in Berlin, he became particularly interested in the mediaeval Mark Brandenburg. His Master’s thesis dealt with the founding of the city of Eberswalde and the colonization of Barnim. Still as a student, he undertook to prepare the historical archaeological inventories for many cities in Brandenburg. After his studies, he undertook teaching assignments at the Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder) and the Humboldt University.

For twelve years, he worked at the Historical Research Institute Facts & Files, where he, among other things, was involved in the content-related conceptualization of many and particularly contemporary publication and exhibition projects and provided support to provenience research projects.

Today, he is entrusted in the office, among other things, with editing of the association’s journal. He provides advice to museums on issues concerning collection management and he coordinates the provenience research plans of the association.

Arne Lindemann M.A.
Arne Lindemann has been in the employment since August 2008 and since January 2018 a resource person with the Association of Museums.

He established the initial contacts to Brandenburg’s museums in 2007 in the course of evaluation of archaeological collections in the district of Ostprignitz-Ruppin. At this time, he was also employed at the archaeological museum of the state of Brandenburg, where he was involved in the preparations for the state’s archaeological exhibition, held in 2008, in Pauli abbey of Brandenburg/Havel. As a freelancer and scholar of prehistory and early history, he worked as the curator for the archaeological exhibitions in the museums in Perleberg and Neuruppin. His work focused on the conceptualization of digitalization projects of museums. His doctoral project on the presentation of the prehistory and early history in museums in the SOZ/GDR is nearing its completion.

In the agency, he is responsible today, among other things, for public relations, the organization of the association’s events and support for the members. In addition, he coordinates the digitalization projects of the association and advises the museums in matters concerning computer-aided cataloguing of collections.


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